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Help! Installed and can't get it working


As a consultant, I used to be required to bring my own laptop and provide my own software, and so used the latest version of Word with XML mapping built-in. I created several templates with XML fields and all worked well. However, they recently decided that having consultants bring their own laptops was a security-risk and issued laptops with the company image, and Word 2010 without XML mapping. I got them to allow me to download the XML mapping task pane add-in (which they have to do via remote access to my laptop as I don't have admin rights), but since they don't know what they are doing, after installing the add-on they just walked away. I assumed I would be able to figure out how to configure it in Word, but so far no luck.

With my document open, that contains some XML fields, on the developer tab, and Schema, Structure and Expansion Packs are all selectable, but I can't see the mapping pane. Mapping is not available as an option in the All Commands Ribbon customization, I only see XML as a group, so the documentation on this addin is different than what I see in MS Word 2010. Also, the add-in is inactive under "Add-ins" in the File Options menu, and I don't know how to make it active.

Can someone walk me through what I need to do to see the mapping pane, and import an updated XML schema (text files)? Screen shots are attached.

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