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XML Mapping Task Pane for Word 2007/2010

The XML Mapping Task Pane for Word can be used to build templates that utilize content controls and XML mapping in Word 2007/2010.

You can use the task pane to add XML parts to Word documents, view a part's XML structure, and drag and drop XML nodes into the document to create mapped content controls, making it easy and quick to create structured document templates.


This add-in adds a Mapping group to Word 2007 and 2010's Developer tab. When opened, the task pane displays all of the XML parts in the current document in a tree view:


From the task pane, you can perform all tasks necessary to set up a document with mapped content controls:
  • Add XML parts to the document, both from an existing XML file, or by directly entering its content
  • See the list of XML parts available in the document
  • View the contents of each part as a tree
  • Drag and drop XML nodes into the document to create mapped content controls
  • Map existing content controls to a specific XML node via a right-click menu
  • etc.
For more information, please consult the documentation on the Documentation tab.

Important Note

  • This add-in is not supported by Microsoft; however, the source code is available so it can be viewed and modified (please consult the License tab if you have any questions on licensing).

As well, if you have cheers/jeers/feature requests, please submit them on the Discussions page - I'd love to hear from you.

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